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R for Korean Studies: A Gentle Introduction to Computational Social Science

Korean Studies is traditionally dominated by scholars of history and literature. It’s relatively rare to see R, Python, or other computational social science tools being used or taught in this field.

I believe computational social science offers huge opportunities for Korean Studies, not only for quantitative research but also for qualitative studies, including those on history and literature!

In this book, I aim to increase data literacy and convince as many Korean Studies scholars and students as possible about the relative ease of learning R with code samples, and motivational case studies about Korea.

I also encourage you to join our bootcamps for problem solving! You can sign up for my newsletter to get updates on the workshops.

Current Status of the book

  • 0.Preface: Done
  • 9.Text Analysis: 50% Done
  • 14.Making Korean Data Visualization Social: Done
  • 15.Bootcamp: Done

I will complete the Text Analysis chapter and then move on to the next chapters. Subscribe to [my newsletter]( to get updates on the book and the bootcamps.


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