The .md source for "The Plain Person's Guide to Plain Text Social Science". To exactly reproduce the PDF you will need current versions of R, TexLive, biber, and the support files at
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The Plain Person's Guide to Plain Text Social Science

Kieran Healy


This repository contains a .md file to create "The Plain Person's Guide to Plain Text Social Science", a guide to software tools, aimed at graduate students in the social sciences. It is a revised version of Choosing Your Workflow Applications. The main changes are updated links, additional obiter dicta, a stronger emphasis on RMarkdown, knitr, and pandoc, and a conversion of the base document format to Markdown (and away from org-mode). If you have the tools described in here, along with the templates and configuration files described here, then the Makefile can create a nice .pdf, .tex, or .html file for you in a single step.