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A Windows shell extension for mobile app files supporting

  • .apk (android package)
  • .ipa (iOS app package)
  • .appx .appxbundle (Windows phone 8.1/10 app package, .xap is not supported)

This is the code repository, please visit the project page for Download and more Information.

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  • Display app icon in explorer with best resolution.
  • Customize-able Info-Tip for showing package information.
  • Context menu for batch renaming, use customize-able patterns.
  • Go to app store from context menu.
  • Auto-check new version.
  • Show overlay icon for different type of apps.
  • Support 15+ languages (some are machine translated):


  • QR code to download to phone
  • Hook up adb function with namespace extension.
  • drag-drop to install / uninstall to phone

Check Wiki for how to build from source code

Credit :

SharpShell Shell extension library
SharpZip Zip function implementation in C#
Iteedee.ApkReader the original APK reader, not in use currently
PlistCS iOS plist file reader
PNGDecrush PNG decrush lib
Ionic.Zlib Another Zip implementation, used by PNGDecrush
QRCoder QR code generator
Ultimate Social A free icon set for social medias

Originally this project hosted on GoogleCode, now moved to :octocat:Github and fully re-writen with a native apk reader. The obsolete code is on master branch