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Convert Office 2016/ 2019 /O365 ClickToRun installation licensing from Retail to Volume

which then can be activated easily using various KMS solutions

  • All current Office licenses will be cleaned up then, proper Volume licenses will be installed based on detected Product IDs

  • "Mondo" Suite cover all products, if detected, only its licenses will be installed

  • "O365ProPlus" Suite will be converted with Mondo licenses by default

  • "Professional" Suite will be converted with ProPlus licenses

  • If main products SKUs are detected, separate apps licenses will not be installed to avoid duplication

SKUs : O365ProPlus, ProPlus, Professional, Standard, Visio, Project
Apps : Access, Excel, Onenote, Outlook, Powerpoint, Publisher, SkypeForBusiness, Word

O365ProPlus and ProPlus cover all apps
Professional cover all apps except SkypeForBusiness
Standard cover all apps except Access, SkypeForBusiness

  • This is not an activator, just a licensing converter

  • Office 2019 products are officially blocked on Windows 7 and 8.1 to workaround that, follow these steps:

  • if you want Office Professional Plus 2019:

  1. install O365ProPlusRetail SKU
  2. edit Convert-C2R.cmd and set _O365asO2019=1
  3. run Convert-C2R.cmd
  • if you want Project 2019 and/or Visio 2019:
  1. install desired SKU: ProjectProRetail, ProjectStdRetail, VisioProRetail, VisioStdRetail
  2. run Convert-C2R.cmd

Office 2016 /2019 /O365 C2R转换VOL批处理

  • 该脚本用于转换c2r产品(office2016/ 2019 / O365)到VOL版本。
  • 请用右键管理员运行,批处理会清除当前所有证书并根据对应产品ID导入VOL证书。
  • Mondo证书覆盖所有产品,因此O365默认会安装Mondo证书,安装后会显示2016 Mondo,但它仍然是Office 365并具有Office 365的特性。而Professional默认会安装ProPlus证书。其他产品ID会安装对应产品证书。
  • Windows7和8.1被微软禁止安装Office2019,可以安装O365并编辑脚本_O365asO2019=1即可。
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