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This is a memcache client package for the Go programming language. The following commands are implemented:

  • get (single key)
  • set, add, replace, append, prepend
  • delete
  • incr, decr


go get github.com/kklis/gomemcache

Depending on your environment configuration, you may need root (Linux) or administrator (Windows) access rights to run the above command.


  • Install gomemcache package (as described above).
  • Start memcached at before running the test.
  • On Unix start memcache socket listener: memcached -s /tmp/memcached.sock -a 0755
  • Run command: go test github.com/kklis/gomemcache

Warning: Test suite includes a test that flushes all memcache content.

Note: On systems that don't support Unix sockets (like Microsoft Windows) TestDial_UNIX will fail.

Example usage

  • Go to $GOPATH/src/github.com/kklis/gomemcache/example/
  • Compile example with: go build example.go
  • Run the binary