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Automatically nib2cib changed nibs in a directory
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Latest commit 900bcd7 Apr 5, 2011 Klaas Pieter Annema explicitly provide the input and output path
Due to recent changes in nib2cib the output path must be provided to make sure the cib is placed in the proper directory. Issue: 280north/cappuccino#1208

Cappuccino has been very successful at preserving the customary 'code and refresh' workflow for web developers. However, as any developer with more than a handful of cibs knows, having to manually run nib2cib breaks this workflow. Autonib2cib will solve this problem by automating the nib2cib process.


autonib2cib requires pyfsevents and baker. Both can be installed with easy_install.

** pyfsevents **: easy_install pyfsevents

** baker **: easy_install baker

** Note **: pyfsevents installation fails when XCode 4 is installed. If you have XCode 4 installed use these instructions.


Run python <PATH>

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