Custom editing tool for RoboFont editor.
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Scaling Edit Tool

Custom editing tool extension for RoboFont editor

Scaling Edit Tool for RoboFont is a mouse and keyboard controlled version of what are better known as Interpolated Nudge tools, made famous by Christian Robertson. When moving oncurve points, offcurve points are scaled in relation to neighboring oncurve points.

The tool works on both bicubic and quadratic bezier curves, and open and closed contours. All the built-in Edit Tool functionality should work as expected.

Angles of offcurve points are retained by default. Command-key overrides the angle keeping when mouse is down. In contextual menu (right mouse click) you can choose whether or not smooth and non-selected points are affected by the override. Simplified mode offers a more traditional operation without angle keeping.

MIT Licence Copyright (C) 2012 Timo Klaavo