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  1. klarna-mobile-sdk klarna-mobile-sdk Public

    Klarna Mobile SDK for iOS & Android

    Objective-C 25 9

  2. kp-android-example-app kp-android-example-app Public

    An example Android app to demonstrate Klarna Mobile SDK for Klarna Payments usage

    Kotlin 9 6

  3. electron-redux electron-redux Public

    Use redux in the main and browser processes in electron

    JavaScript 738 93

  4. circuit_breaker circuit_breaker Public

    💥 An Erlang library for breaking out of faulty services

    Erlang 174 17

  5. erlavro erlavro Public

    Avro support for Erlang/Elixir (

    Erlang 129 38

  6. ponos ponos Public

    ponos is a simple yet powerful load generator written in erlang

    Erlang 157 8


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