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Customizing GitList is pretty easy since it was built on top of wonderful, modern and open-source projects.


The GitList gorgeous interface was built using Twitter Bootstrap and it leverages the power of LESS to make your life easier if you want to customize the look of GitList. The LESS files are available under web/less. A makefile is provided, so all you have to do is customize the LESS based on your taste, run make under the web folder and the final CSS will be generated. Of course, to make this possible, you need lessc installed, which can be done quite easily by running npm: npm install less


GitList was built on on top of the Silex microframework and powered by the Twig template engine. All templates are available under views. In order to understand what is going on, I recommend that you read this tutorial. Enable debug in your config.ini or clean the contents of the cache folder to see .twig files changes!