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by Chris Klimas, Leon Arnott, Daithi O Crualaoich, Ingrid Cheung, Thomas Michael Edwards, Micah Fitch, Juhana Leinonen, Michael Savich, and Ross Smith


This is a port of Twine to a browser and Electron app. See for more info.

The story formats in minified format under story-formats/ exist in separate repositories:


Run npm install at the top level of the directory to install all goodies.

Working with the documentation requires installing mdbook, which is not a Node-based project. You can either install it directly from the project web site or use your operating system's package manager.


Run npm start to begin serving a development version of Twine locally. This server will automatically update with changes you make.

Run npm run start:electron to run a development version of the Electron app. Running this can damage files in your Twine storied folder. Take a backup copy of this folder before proceeding. Most of the app will automatically update as you work, but if you want the app to read story files initially again, you will need to restart the process.

To create a release, run npm run build. Finished files will be found under dist/. In order to build Windows apps on OS X or Linux, you will need to have Wine and makensis installed. A file named 2.json is created under dist/ which contains information relevant to the autoupdater process, and is currently posted to

npm test will test the source code respectively.

npm run clean will delete existing files in electron-build/ and dist/.