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A ROS driver for the TrackIMU headtracker IMU. This board consists of 3 sensors: magnetic, gyro and acceleration sensor.
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ROS2 TrackIMU Node

Ros2 Node for TrackIMU


Source your ROS2 workspace and run

colcon build


ros2 run ros2_track_imu imu_node


In its default configuration, ros2_track_imu expects a yaml config file ros2_track_imu.yaml with:

  • USB port to use
  • Calibration parameters

An exampleros2_track_imu.yaml file is provided. Copy that file to ros2_track_imu.yaml as follows:

Then, edit ros2_track_imu.yaml as needed

Ros2 Launch

Not implemented yet.

Publisher and 3D visualization:

$ ros2 launch ros2_track_imu

Publisher only:

$ ros2 launch ros2_track_imu

Publisher only with diagnostics:

$ ros2 launch ros2_track_imu

3D visualization only:

$ ros2 launch ros2_track_imu


For best accuracy, follow the tutorial to calibrate the sensors:

An updated version of Peter Bartz's magnetometer calibration scripts from is provided in the magnetometer_calibration directory.

Update my_razor.yaml with the new calibration parameters.

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