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Kharagpur Linux Users' Group


forked from jni/git-tutorial

Notes for a workshop on using git and github

Updated Apr 6, 2016


forked from vivekiitkgp/awesome-biology

Curated list of resources for Biology.

Updated Feb 3, 2016

Python 1 13


forked from OrkoHunter/ping-me

A cross platform personalized Ping

Updated Dec 25, 2015

Python 0 1


forked from vivekiitkgp/gistie

A tiny gist creation script

Updated Aug 4, 2015

KLUG's website

Updated Jul 22, 2015

JavaScript 0 2


forked from icyflame/bar-horizontal

Create beautiful horizontal charts, that fit your terminal.

Updated Jul 3, 2015

Ruby 1 4


forked from artagnon/clayoven

Modern website generator with a traditional design

Updated May 28, 2013

JavaScript 1 0


A fork of Google IO's HTML5 presentation framework

Updated Mar 12, 2013

Racket 0 1


forked from sanjoy/intro-to-fp

Updated Mar 8, 2013


forked from yeban/sequenceserver

Intuitive local web frontend for sequence BLAST (www search form)

Updated Oct 12, 2012

Haskell 0 4


forked from sanjoy/DietLISP

Updated Oct 5, 2012


Unofficial mirror of awesome window manager, updated manually.

Updated Mar 4, 2012

Shell 2 2


forked from schatten/utility

Scripts and more to help with daily programming

Updated Sep 10, 2011


forked from vickychijwani/inotify-file-watcher

Watches specified files in a directory and executes arbitrary given commands on them when they're modified.

Updated Aug 26, 2011

JavaScript 1 9


forked from vickychijwani/jquery-notify-osd

A jQuery plugin for creating notifications like Ubuntu's native Notify OSD ones. Demo at:

Updated Jun 29, 2011

Ruby 1 5


forked from vickychijwani/twitter-timeline-search

A small web app for loading twitter users' tweets into a database and search them. Uses Ruby, DataMapper, Sinatra, HAML, and Nokogiri XML Parser.

Updated May 31, 2011

Python 3 6


forked from vickychijwani/gmail_notifier

Notifies the user of unread email as soon as it arrives using Ubuntu's default notification bubbles (notify-osd). Integrates with the messaging menu. HTTP proxy is supported.

Updated Apr 24, 2011

Python 1 0


A friendsnetwork database implemented using SQLAlchemy ORM.

Updated Feb 9, 2011

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