License compliance and compatibility analysis for the Code Climate platform
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engine.json - CodeClimate Community Edition scans the libraries used by your project and flags potential compliance and compatibility issues, optionally based on policies that you configure.

Supported languages and package managers

The community edition of currently supports dependency analysis of:

  • Ruby libraries (via a Gemfile, Gemfile.lock, or .gemspec);
  • JS libraries (via npm's package.json, or yarn.lock);
  • Python libraries (via requirements.txt); and
  • PHP libraries (via composer.json)


  1. This version of is designed to run through CodeClimate -- please visit to get started.

  2. Once you have your project setup for analysis through CodeClimate, add the following to the engines section of your .codeclimate.yml file:

    enabled: true
  1. Run an analysis on CodeClimate!

License Policy Configuration

You can add a configurations section to your .codeclimate.yml to set which types of licenses you wish to allow and disallow for your project. For instance, the example below (which is the default setting), is a typical policy to only exclude "strong copyleft" and Affero licenses (permissive and weak copyleft are permitted):

    enabled: true
      # eg. Affero GPL
      allow_affero_copyleft:   false
      # eg. GPL
      allow_strong_copyleft:   false

If you subscribe to Pro, further configuration options are available to you to customize the policy to your exact business needs - see below! Pro

Subscribe to a Pro account (and include your license file in your project root directory) in order to:

  1. Customize your configuration to exactly align to your company's license policy; and
  2. View detailed information on each library and license, including viewing the actual license for a library and seeing a word-by-word diff to the standard license.
    enabled: true
      # eg. LGPL, MPL
      allow_weak_copyleft:     false
      # eg. MIT, BSD - you'll generally only want to set this to false if you want to explicitly approve ALL libraries
      allow_permissive:        true
      # licenses to permit (overriding the above general policies); standard license names and abbreviations (with or
      # without version numbers) are all recognized
      license_whitelist:       []
      # licenses to blacklist (overriding the above general policies)
      license_blacklist:       []
      # by default, libraries not found in standard library repositories (, npm, etc) are permitted
      # (as they're likely your own works), but you may wish to play it safe and explicitly approve these
      allow_unknown_libraries: true

Building from Source

You can create the docker image with: make image

Once built, run the test suite from outside the docker container (end-to-end tests use the container you've just built): rspec


This project is available as open source under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License 3.0, or by explicit permission of the author.