Polyfill to provide support for "pointer-events: none".
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Pointer Events Polyfill

Pointer Events Polyfill is a short javascript library which adds support for the style attribute "pointer-events: none" to browsers without this feature (namely, MS IE).


Include any reasonable recent version of jQuery and pointer_events_polyfill.js.

Basic usage:


That's it! Any "pointer-events: none" attributes will now work seamlessly in IE.


You can also pass any of the following options into the initialize call:

  • selector: CSS selector (default: *). You may wish to narrow this from '*' (all elements) in order to increase performance.
  • mouseEvents: Array of JS mouse events (default: ['click','dblclick','mousedown','mouseup']). Note that this default excludes a few mouse events for performance reasons, but you can add them back in.
  • usePolyfillIf: Function with boolean return value (default: simple check for IE<11). Return true to apply Pointer Events Polyfill. You can specify your own browser-support test function here (for example, you may wish to use feature detection with Modernizr instead of the default IE check).


(c) 2013, Kent Mewhort, licensed under BSD. See LICENSE.txt for details.