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Ritchie - The Open Source Exchange

Ritchie Logo

In the spirit of the FSF and OSI, we at Ritchie believe that, for an exchange to be "fair and orderly," all exchange data must be free and available to all market participants, for both display and non-display use. Our definition of "exchange data" includes the following:

  • Tick data for all financial instruments listed on the exchange
  • Market order queue
  • Volume
  • Order book/depth of market (DOM) queues at all price levels
  • "Ritchie Ring" circular FIFO
  • Matching engine output

We seek the utopian "Level Playing Field," where all market participants have access to the same data, at the same price.

Lots more at our Web site at the link below:


All Ritchie exchange data are published under the MIT License, viewable here:

The exchange code is published under GPL3:

Ritchie Logo


Email me:

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