A CS0 game for beginning students in Computer Science, developed by Paradigm Shift.
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Necessary: Python3

Optional (but important): Getch, Termcolor, Tkinter

Download Python3 from here: https://www.python.org/downloads/

Use these commands to install the optional but important dependencies:
	python3 -m pip install getch
	python3 -m pip install termcolor

Structure of Repo: Full solution file is included. See Google Doc for Spec or other GitHub repo for bare starter files.

Bare Starter Files: https://github.com/kmishra9/2048-Starter

2048 Spec: https://goo.gl/34kNbl

Using the code:

To run: 	python3 staff_solution_2048.py

To test: 	python3 autograder.py 					<-- Note: All tests are going to pass, but the autograder is included for reference