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An attempt to make SharePoint task list work for modern sites
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This is a web part built for use against default sharepoint task lists.

It uses dhtmlx gantt ( to render the tasks in a gantt view, and has full CRUD against the task list.

Some features:

  • Drag tasks to update dates
  • Set zoom to default Hours/Days/Months
  • Uses the search api for the people picker
  • New tasks and updated tasks sends email updates if there is an assigned user and if the checkbox is checked

Some work left:

  • The dhtmlx gantt JS uses a global variable (gantt) - only one web part per page.
  • Solution not 100% tested
  • The control is not 100% React, I did not have enough time to do so :(


Demo video

Building the code

git clone the repo
npm i
npm i -g gulp

This package produces the following:

  • lib/* - intermediate-stage commonjs build artifacts
  • dist/* - the bundled script, along with other resources
  • deploy/* - all resources which should be uploaded to a CDN.

Build options

gulp clean - TODO gulp test - TODO gulp serve - TODO gulp bundle - TODO gulp package-solution - TODO

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