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Automatically post Joomla! articles to via Frost.
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Joomla! Content Plugin for

The Content Plugin for Joomla! automatically submits articles to the blockchain via the Frost API.

Please Note: Articles are only published to the testnet at this time.


Download the Joomla! Content Plugin for plugin from

Use the Joomla! installer to install.


First you'll need an API token. This can be created via the Frost Dashboard (

Go to the Joomla! Plugins Manager and click on Content - Poet.

Add the API token you created via the Frost Dashboard.

You can also configure how authorship is attributed to your articles on by using the Author settings.

Once finished, enable the Content - Poet plugin and save and close.

How it works

The Content Plugin will automatically publish your article to the blockchain when you:

  • Create or edit an article which is published,

  • Change an article to published from the article list.

The title, description, date created, date published and tags are stored on the blockchain.

Verifying that your article is published on

The Content Plugin will add a "Verified on" badge to articles you have successfully published to

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