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graphics thumbnail (*.psd file) Oct 3, 2019
helper use function for calculating technology costs Sep 15, 2019
locale/en added technology name Sep 15, 2019
migrations fixed script mismatch, when adding to existing save Jan 16, 2020
objects added compatibility to everything using script_raised_* events Dec 21, 2019
.gitignore initial commit Jun 20, 2019
LICENSE initial commit Jun 20, 2019
control.lua updated to factorio 0.18 Jan 21, 2020
data-updates.lua updated to factorio 0.18 Jan 21, 2020
data.lua made single prototype files Sep 14, 2019
info.json changed current version to 2.0.0 from 1.2.0 (it has breaking changes) Jan 21, 2020
thumbnail.png thumbnail.png Aug 3, 2019
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