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BDD, Behat, Mink and other Wonderful ThingsRESTing with Symfony

Well hi there! This repository holds the code and script for the Behat PHP course on KnpUniversity.

Setup the Project

Ok, cool - this will be easy!

  1. Make sure you have Composer installed.

  2. In a terminal, move into the project, then install the composer dependencies:

composer install

Or you may need to run php composer.phar install - depending on how you installed Composer. This will probably ask you some questions about your database (answer for your system) and other settings (just hit enter for these).

  1. Load up your database

This project uses an Sqlite database, which normally is supported by PHP out of the box.

To load up your database file, run:

php app/console doctrine:database:create
php app/console doctrine:schema:update --force
php app/console doctrine:fixtures:load

This will create - and populate - an app/app.db file.

  1. Start up the built-in PHP web server:
php app/console server:run

Then find the site at http://localhost:8000.

You can login with:

user: admin pass: admin

Have fun!