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kode80CloudsUnity3D (Ver 1.1.0)

kode80 Clouds is a realtime volumetric cloud rendering solution for Unity3D, offering fully dynamic, animated, 3D cloudscapes along with a custom editor for painting clouds directly into your scene. All properties; from cloud density and shape to sun and ambient lighting can be adjusted in realtime.

For more info & videos, and to purchase commercial licenses, check out:


kode80 Clouds is free to use for strictly non-commercial purposes, read kode80CloudsNonCommercialLicense.html in project root for full details.

If you'd like to use kode80 Clouds for commercial purposes, or support this & future kode80 development, commercial licenses are available for purchase from my online store at:

Download Latest unitypackage

The latest packaged version can be downloaded here: kode80Clouds.unitypackage


kode80 Clouds 1.1.1 (April 20th 2016):

  • Fixed shader compilation on < 5.3.0
  • Fixed GUI compilation error on < 5.3.0
  • Fixed draw order bug with transparent materials
  • Fixed clouds not displaying when Unity water is visible

kode80 Clouds 1.1.0 (April 18th 2016):

  • Added kode80CloudShadows component (place on directional light)
  • Added AssetUpdater (Window/kode80/Check for Asset Updates)
  • kode80Clouds now draws a gizmo for visualizing horizon/atmosphere size
  • kode80Clouds' transform now affects virtual skydome position in scene
  • Hardcoded input in demo's FlyCamera script (fixes Input Manager errors)
  • Fixed Coverage Editor's brush position for all atmosphere sizes
  • Fixed compile errors for < Unity 5.3.3
  • Fixed lighting when project is set to Gamma
  • Updated documentation


A realtime volumetric cloud rendering solution for Unity3D.






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