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Github Data Analysis and Contribution Recommender System
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Git-a-rec is a Data Analytics system, which uses huge amount of open Github Data to find deep patterns among Github Repos and Users Data.


  1. Go to web-app root directory

        $ cd RecommendationApp
  2. For first time, run to create virtual environment of python

        $ chmod +x
        $ ./ 
  3. To start/activate virtual environment

        $ source venv/bin/activate
  4. Install dependencies listed in bower.json and package.json

        $ bower install & npm install
  5. To run flask service

        $ python

    Note: Flask service will run at http://localhost:5000.

  6. To run client-side AngularJS application

        $ grunt server

    Note: The Grunt server will run at http://localhost:8080.The Grunt server supports hot reloading of client-side HTML/CSS/Javascript file changes.

  7. To stop/deactivate virtual environment

        $ deactivate
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