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I cannot take any responsibility of the operation on the board, since I did not make it and also I don't know its circuit. Please do not ask me its support but directly ask "LilyGo" for your support.

Modified for multi URL support by n24bass (merged several new functions, URL scrolling!)

For the boards with ESP32-PICO-D4, please swap control switch from GPIO16 to GPIO0, since GPIO16 in PICO-D4 is used for internal SPI Flash RAM connection (pre-occupied). Swap can be done in components/controls/controls.c

Add web interface. You can add (up to 10), change or remove URL of the internet radio station.

GET /  - list stations
GET /P - change to previous station
GET /N - change to next station
GET /0..9 - select station
GET /0..9+URL - set station URL
GET /0..-URL - remove station URL

Push 'GPIO-16' (chaned from 'boot') switch to change next station.

It starts up only web interface when GPIO-16 is keeped low level at boot time.

Modified for OLED display support by kodera2t

Please use latest esp-idf environment (envorinment just before will make lots error)

original code (w/o OLED) is

OLED display mode for WiFi Radio/Bluetooth spaker will be set by menuconfig (select BT speaker or Wifi radio)

Bluetooth device name is defined in bt_config.h in include file folder. (default: "hogehoge_mont")

Wiring is same as original, as ESP pin - I2S signal

GPIO22        - DATA

and GPIO25/26 are fixed but GPIO22 can be re-arranged as you wish. (defined in components/audio_renderer.c)

I2C OLED is connected, as ESP pin - I2C signal

GPIO14   - SCL
GPIO13   - SDA

,which defined in app_main.c Please change as you wish...

More details can be found in the original author's explanation at


OLED display support is added to ESP32 MP3 web radio/bluetotooth speaker code by MrBuddyCasino's. Now webradio station switching is supported (implemented by n24bass)




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