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Blog starter

Netlify Status

View the live demo here, hosted on Netlify

homepage darkmode


A blog that still runs without javascript. Hence, no bundlers.


  • Static Site Gen - Eleventy

  • Tailwind CSS v2.0 / Tailwind Typography / Dark Mode

  • Create excerpts using the <!-- excerpt -->

  • Custom ReadTime filter

  • 404 page

  • Tags page to view posts related to tag

    • Use of a tagList collection defined in .eleventy.js
    • /tags - show all available tags (excluding all and posts) as buttons (
    • /tags/tag-name - shows all posts related to that tag (
  • Sitemap and Robots.txt

    • Change site url in _data/site.json
  • Shortcode to handle images

    • Add image under src/assets/img/posts and use the asset_img short code
    • {% asset_img 'filename' 'alt_text' %} eg. {% asset_img 'mailbox.jpg' 'mailbox' %}
  • Draft posts using the published frontmatter
  • Posts pagination in index.html
    • change the size frontmatter variable
  • ESLint
  • Bash script to create new post (based on YYYY and MM)
$ ./create new blog post
Created new post at src/posts/2021/01/

Running locally

Create your blogpost under src/posts. I like to have mine sorted by YY/MM.

Navigate to localhost:8080 after starting the server.

npm start


On Netlify / Surge / Firebase hosting / etc hosting providers

Build Command: npm run build

Output folder: _site