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@@ -61,6 +61,42 @@ The success or failure of these operations will be recorded in the event log.
The `<download>` element in the configuration file also provides an useful building block for a self updating services.
+Winsw supports several different ways to capture stdout and stderr from the process you launch.
+### Log directory
+The `<logpath>` element specifies the directory in which the log files are created. If this element is absent, it'll default to the same directory where the configuration file resides.
+### Append mode (default)
+In this mode, `myapp.out.log` nad `myapp.err.log` (where `myapp` is the base name of the executable and the configuration file) are created and outputs are simply appended to these files. Note that the file can get quite big.
+ <log mode="append"/>
+### Reset mode
+Works like the append mode, except that every time the service starts, the old log files are truncated.
+ <log mode="reset"/>
+### Rotate mode
+Works like the append mode, but in addition, if the log file gets bigger than a set size, it gets rotated to `myapp.1.out.log`, `myapp.2.out.log` and so on. The nested `<sizeThreshold>` element specifies the rotation threshold in KB (defaults to 10MB), and the nested `<keepFiles>` element specifies the number of rotated files to keep (defaults to 8.)
+ <log mode="roll-by-size">
+ <sizeThreshold>10240</sizeThreshold>
+ <keepFiles>8</keepFiles>
+ </log>
+### Rotate by time mode
+Works like the rotate mode, except that instead of using the size as a threshold, use the time period as the threshold.
+This configuration must accompany a nested `<pattern>` element, which specifies the timestamp pattern used as the log file name.
+ <log mode="roll-by-time">
+ <pattern>yyyyMMdd</pattern>
+ </log>
+The syntax of the pattern string is specified by [DateTime.ToString()]( For example, in the above example, the log of Jan 1, 2013 gets written to `myapp.20130101.out.log` and `myapp.20130101.err.log`.
Configuration file syntax
@@ -134,5 +170,6 @@ This optional element can be specified multiple times to have the service wrappe
This is another useful building block for developing a self-updating service.
+### log
+See the "Logging" section above for more details.

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