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Mod for RimWorld.

Ever wanted to compare multiple colonists? Quickly see who is on the verge of a mental break? Now it's possible!

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  • Customizable overview tab, up to 10 values at once displays as many columns as you can fit on your screen
  • Displays Stats, Skills, Needs
  • Prisoner and medical controls, equipment overview, current job
  • Works with colonists, prisoners, enemies, animals, wild animals, and even corpses

RimWorld forum


Last update: 22/12/2016 (updated to 0.6.0)

Latest release

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Check changelog here.

Inspired by

Inspired by MedicalInfo by Fluffy (l2032)


This mod can be used by anyone for any purpose as long as it's free and there's proper attribution - mod name, author's name and a link to this page.