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For Real Cards

An app for learning or demonstrating techniques and the start of a common collection of reusable components. It uses Angular 2 and Meteor.

I am blogging about my experiences here

Getting Started (development)

  • install meteor
  • clone the repo locally
  • cd
  • npm install
  • meteor

##Test meteor test --driver-package practicalmeteor:mocha


Reusable commponents to serve a startting point for other apps. Will be broken off into a seperate repository.

For real cards

A sample app that demonstrates Meteor's real time capabilities in the form of a card game. The game engine knows no card game rules and tries to emulate playing cards for real. A fair amount of game specific configuration was required in order to control the allowed actions. (E.g. should user's be able to pull a card from the top of the deck or place cards face up on the table.)

Directory structures

  • Follows Meteor 1.3 approaches

  • api/* should be free of any presentation tier specifics to allow a mixing progression to UI styling techniques. E.g. iterations of an app might use Bootstrap for web and mobile progress, to Ionic or React Native on mobile, while preserving all the logic in api/



To Do

Waffle Board

Stories in Ready

To do: add as issues:


  • Automatic deletion of tmp users
  • Get pagination working (ng2-paginate)


  • Welcome page
  • Fix styling of edit profile
  • Refresh or deep linking with game ID in URL should work (wait until Angular 2 upgraded to final and use correct router)
  • Leave game, boot a player from a game
  • More performant state history for UNDO
  • More game templates
    • Hearts
    • Poker
    • Texas Hold em
    • Wizard


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