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Coloring with significance.
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Add compatibility strings for XCode 6.2 and 6.3


Coloring with significance.

Polychromatic is an Xcode plugin that makes code logic clear and apparent. It gives properties, ivars, and local variables each a unique, dynamic color, stripping away emphasis from types which don't need it.


CSSEdit Tribute Theme Carbon Theme Compare to: Standard Syntax Highlighting Preferences Window


Xcode 5 or later is required.

To install from the Releases, place the downloaded plugin file Polychromatic.xcplugin into ~/Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Plug-ins/. If the directory doesn't already exist, create the path.

Install-by-Compilation & Developing

Cloning the source and opening the project will allow you to build the plugin. Building will automatically copy it to the Plug-ins directory, even if you do not run. Running will allow you to debug and attach to Xcode (via Polychromatic), opening a second instance.


  • Evan Brooks for bringing the idea to my attention.
  • Tony Arnold for putting up with my antics and helping me develop this thing!
  • Boris Bügling for giving me some concept of how to get started with a plugin for this, even though I discarded all of your code.
  • Everyone who provided feedback and testing.


You can follow me on Twitter.


Included in repository: MIT License.

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