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Coloring with significance.

Polychromatic is an Xcode plugin that makes code logic clear and apparent. It gives properties, ivars, and local variables each a unique, dynamic color, stripping away emphasis from types which don't need it.

###Screenshots CSSEdit Tribute Theme Carbon Theme Compare to: Standard Syntax Highlighting Preferences Window

###Installation Xcode 5 or later is required.

To install from the Releases, place the downloaded plugin file Polychromatic.xcplugin into ~/Library/Application Support/Developer/Shared/Xcode/Plug-ins/. If the directory doesn't already exist, create the path.

###Install-by-Compilation & Developing Cloning the source and opening the project will allow you to build the plugin. Building will automatically copy it to the Plug-ins directory, even if you do not run. Running will allow you to debug and attach to Xcode (via Polychromatic), opening a second instance.


  • Evan Brooks for bringing the idea to my attention.
  • Tony Arnold for putting up with my antics and helping me develop this thing!
  • Boris Bügling for giving me some concept of how to get started with this plugin.
  • Everyone who provided feedback and testing.


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Included in repository: MIT License.