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A modular synth tracker
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kometbomb Refactor main app (#31)
* Added CircleCI test config

* CircleCI config test

* Remove CircleCI for now

* Don't use formatted string param

* Updated emcc options

* Updated doc

* Use webassembly

* Enable queue flag WIP

* Added error message for create thread failure

* Made audio queuing an compile option and fixed emscripten issues

* Updated makefiles

* Add clean to makefile

* Disable thread check for non queue builds

* Better support for emscripten

* Add FS to emscripten exports

* Mount emscripten persistent FS to SDL prefernces path

* Added missing scale define

* Refactored Main.cpp code into Prototracker class

* Delete synth on exit

* Fixed tab issues

* Added chars to font

* Make sure auido thread is not waited for twice
Latest commit 2421ffb Jul 15, 2019


Prototracker-modular is a modular synthesizer fork of Prototracker. The idea is that the user can define his/her "sound chip" using basic modules. Each channel has its own "sound chip". Otherwise, the tracker is exactly like any Prototracker fork.

Double click on synth area to add a new module. Left click to connect inputs/outputs (right click cancels). Drag to move modules. See for basic info about modules.


See the releases for binaries.


Simply do make mingw where "mingw" is your platform of choice. Do make to see the supported platforms.

Building for OSX

To install SDL/SDL2 on OSX(using brew), type brew install sdl2 sdl sdl_image sdl_mixer sdl_ttf portmidi. If you are getting the fatal error: 'SDL_image.h' file not found error, type apt-get install libsdl2-image-dev. You should then be able to run make linux.

The binary needs the files in the assets/ directory to work properly.

Using the Xcode project to build on OSX (10.9+)

Recommended to use at least Xcode 6.2 with command line tools installed. Requires SDL2 and SDL2_image framework bundles to be installed in default location (/Library/Frameworks).

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