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JSON Controllers for Yii applications.

Latest version: 1.0 (23 Mar 2012)


This has been tested on Yii 1.1.10+


###Action Input parameters

You define your input parameters as objects, which are actually the JSON-decoded payload of your caller's request. Decoding and validation takes place transparently, as long as your input object is a subclass of CBJsonModel.

###Action Return values You return your action's response with return instead of render. It's highly suggested that your return objects are subtypes of CBJsonModel or arrays of such objects. Still, this is a suggestion, of course you can return anything that json_encode() accepts, as long as you trust what you're exposing to your caller.

###PHPdoc for your json services The above allow for automatic documentation of your services, e.g. using apigen. The produced documentation can be then published and let your clients/callers know exactly what they should pass as input and what to expect as output.

###Consistent error and exception handling Error handling is done automatically, i.e. whenever an exception or PHP error is thrown, a standard-format JSON is returned which your caller may then parse and handle.


Get the code

Download and extract the code into /protected/extensions/bogo-yii-json-service/ folder.

Make it visible

Add the following line in the import array of your /protected/config/main.php to make the extensions classes visible to your code:

return array(
	// [..]

	// autoloading model and component classes
		// [..]
		// [..]

	// [..]

Configure Yii Request Application Component

Add the following lines in your /protected/config/main.php to enable CBHttpRequest functionality in place of Yii's standard CHttpRequest class:

return array(
	// [..]

	// application components
		// [..]

		// Use json-capable http request

		// [..]
	// [..]


Quick sample

Below a sample code which highlights the usage of JSON capabilities. Things you should keep are:

  1. The controller extends the CBJsonController component
  2. The method accepts a ProductQueryJson object instead of looking into $_GET/$_POST
  3. The method returns an array of ProductJson objects instead of calling $this->render()
class ProductController extends CBJsonController
	 * Find products.
	 * @param ProductQueryJson $queryJson Query criteria
	 * @return ProductJson[] Matching products
	public function actionFindProduct(ProductQueryJson $queryJson)
		$foundProducts = Product::model()->scopeApplyQuery($queryJson)->findAll();

		return ProductJson::createFromMany($foundProducts);

More detailed Usage

For more details and examples, see the the demo page

Your API's public documentation

Here's the demo controller documentation you get by using this extension in conjunction with proper phpdoc comments and apigen.