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RserveCLI2 is a .NET/CLR client for Rserve. It allows .NET/CLR client to access R on the same machine or across the network.


Rserve (http://www.rforge.net/Rserve/) is a server application that allows users to access an R (http://www.r-project.org/) session remotely across the network. RserveCLI2 is a client library that allows one to access an Rserve server from a .NET/CLR environment using languages such as C#, Visual Basic, etc.

Fork of RserveCLI

  • This is a fork of RserveCLI, by Oliver M. Haynold which is hosted here: https://rservecli.codeplex.com
  • Forked at commit 14449
  • I wanted to add features and fix bugs unencumbered by the author's bandwidth
  • I'm targeting Visual Studio 2010 and the 3.5 framework (dropping Mono Develop)

Added Features

  • Greatly improved testing framework: testing against R/Rserve is now self-contained in the Test project (integration tests become unit tests!)
  • Bi-directional support for Date type
  • Read matrix as a 2d array
  • Create SEXP from decimal
  • Can now create usable data.frames
  • Bi-directional support for matrix row/column names
  • Can now make named vectors
  • Now supports sending and receiving large data (>16MB)