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This repository is a collection of put-together patches from the enhancements I made for Geany in my other repository.

See releases for compressed archives.

The current enhancements include:

  • Manual and automatic sorting of editor tabs by pathname, filename or folder
  • New commands in the File menu:
    • Open Files Recursively, which allows multiple files to be opened or viewed recursively. This currently does not yet support aborting once the recursive operation has started.
    • Reload All, which allows reloading all documents at once
    • Rename, which renames documents with an input dialog box
    • Delete, which allows current document's file to be deleted in disk with a confirmation dialog box
  • New commands in the document's context menu in the sidebar:
    • Close Recursively, which allows multiple files under a folder and its subfolders to be closed recursively
    • New, which creates new documents relative to the selected object's context
    • Save As
    • Rename, which renames documents in-place. The shortcut key of Expand All has also been changed from E to x, so it wouldn't conflict with Rename's.
    • Clone, which is an alias to Document->Clone
    • Delete, which works same as File->Delete, but against the selected document target
    • Also, an enhancement to Reload command which makes it capable of reloading multiple documents in the context of a folder
  • Cloned documents are now given .clone[1, ..., 99] filenames instead of being left untitled
  • A new no-new-instance option (--no-new-instance or -I), which forces Geany to not open a new instance even if no file arguments are passed in the command-line. This is helpful in creating launchers or shortcut items that open only a single instance of Geany.
  • Ability to configure the default directory where new documents are placed. It can be one of:
    • None / Disabled
    • Based on the directory of the current document
    • The project directory
    • The home directory
    • The directory of the current document, or the project directory if there's no existing document, or the home directory
  • An enhancement to the detection of bash functions when creating symbols of a shell-script document. Since Bash also allow other characters besides [[:alnum:]_] when declaring function names using the function keyword. Bash also does not require having a pair of parentheses after the name when the function is declared wth the 'function' keyword. This also invalidates function names that are completely made up of digits.
  • Allow bold fonts in VTE to be disabled
  • Some tweaks on how Save should appear in the document's context menu
  • A rework to the functions related to the mechanism of Save As
  • A rework to get_doc_parent() and get_doc_folder(), which makes their functionality more consistent and contained


A collection of patches I made for Geany







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