Materials (lecture slides and exercise sessions) for the course Computer Graphics (Fall 2013) at the University of Tartu
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Computer Graphics 2013

This repository contains the materials (lecture slides and exercise sessions) for the course Computer Graphics (MTAT.03.015, Fall 2013) at the University of Tartu.

Copyright and License

Copyright 2013, Konstantin Tretyakov, Ilya Kuzovkin. University of Tartu.

The contents of this repository can be reused freely, subject to the following conditions.

  • The textual and educational material (slides and exercise session specifications) are subject to the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA license. Some of the slides include images from external sources, not all of them freely (or even explicitly) licensed. To my best knowledge such use is legal for non-commercial educational purposes in Estonia (Copyright Act, § 19), but this may not be the case for every country.
  • The source code of the practice sessions (contents of the code/src subdirectories) is subject to the MIT license. Libraries that are used within the exercise projects (e.g. Allegro, FreeGlut, GLimg, GLM, OGRE) are subject to their own licenses (all are open-source, though).