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  1. AutoFillingCallArguments AutoFillingCallArguments Public

    This IntelliJ IDEA plugin guesses the call parameters by the callee parameter names.

    Java 19 12

  2. jqassistant-plugins jqassistant-plugins Public

    This repository contains plugins for buschmais' jQAssistant.

    Java 17 10

  3. jqa-gradle jqa-gradle Public

    This is a blueprint for a Gradle project using jQAssistant.

    Java 3 1

  4. uneven-modules uneven-modules Public

    Some made-up project for architecture improvement demos

    Java 2 3

  5. docker-jqassistant docker-jqassistant Public

    A Dockerfile for building a jQAssistant image

    Dockerfile 2 2

  6. jqassistant-gradle-plugin jqassistant-gradle-plugin Public

    Gradle Plugin for jQAssistant

    Java 2 3


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