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// PBCreateTagSheet.m
// GitX
// Created by Nathan Kinsinger on 12/18/09.
// Copyright 2009 Nathan Kinsinger. All rights reserved.
#import "PBCreateTagSheet.h"
#import "PBGitRepository.h"
#import "PBGitCommit.h"
@interface PBCreateTagSheet ()
- (void) beginCreateTagSheetAtRefish:(id <PBGitRefish>)refish inRepository:(PBGitRepository *)repo;
@implementation PBCreateTagSheet
@synthesize repository;
@synthesize targetRefish;
@synthesize tagNameField;
@synthesize tagMessageText;
@synthesize errorMessageField;
#pragma mark -
#pragma mark PBCreateTagSheet
+ (void) beginCreateTagSheetAtRefish:(id <PBGitRefish>)refish inRepository:(PBGitRepository *)repo
PBCreateTagSheet *sheet = [[self alloc] initWithWindowNibName:@"PBCreateTagSheet"];
[sheet beginCreateTagSheetAtRefish:refish inRepository:repo];
- (void) beginCreateTagSheetAtRefish:(id <PBGitRefish>)refish inRepository:(PBGitRepository *)repo
self.repository = repo;
self.targetRefish = refish;
[self window]; // loads the window (if it wasn't already)
[self.errorMessageField setStringValue:@""];
[NSApp beginSheet:[self window] modalForWindow:[self.repository.windowController window] modalDelegate:self didEndSelector:nil contextInfo:NULL];
#pragma mark IBActions
- (IBAction) createTag:(id)sender
NSString *tagName = [self.tagNameField stringValue];
[self.errorMessageField setHidden:YES];
NSString *refName = [@"refs/tags/" stringByAppendingString:tagName];
if (![self.repository checkRefFormat:refName]) {
[self.errorMessageField setStringValue:@"Invalid name"];
[self.errorMessageField setHidden:NO];
for (PBGitRevSpecifier *rev in self.repository.branches) {
NSString *name = [[rev ref] tagName];
if ([tagName isEqualToString:name]) {
[self.errorMessageField setStringValue:@"Tag already exists"];
[self.errorMessageField setHidden:NO];
[self closeCreateTagSheet:sender];
NSString *message = [self.tagMessageText string];
[self.repository createTag:tagName message:message atRefish:self.targetRefish];
- (IBAction) closeCreateTagSheet:(id)sender
[NSApp endSheet:[self window]];
[[self window] orderOut:self];
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