Some unsupervised learning modules using Torch
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A package for unsupervised learning in Torch.

Provides modules that are compatible with nn (LinearPsd, ConvPsd, AutoEncoder, ...), and self-contained algorithms (k-means, PCA).


Basic dependencies:

  • Torch7 (
  • kex (
  • optim (github.cim/koraykv/optim)

To run the demo scripts, you also need the following:

  • image (
  • sys (
  • xlua (



  • Install Torch7 (refer to its own documentation).
  • clone all other repos (including this one) into dev directory of Torch7.
  • Rebuild torch, it will include all these projects too.

Alternatively, you can use torch's package manager. Once Torch is installed, you can install unsup: $ torch-pkg install unsup.