Twilio based call board written for AppEngine.
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Slapper uses Google's AppEngine for hosting. Here's a basic run down of getting it running:

  1. Log into your AppEngine account and create a new app.

  2. Check out Slapper and then go in and edit the app.yaml file and edit the application name to the app you just created.

  3. Edit the file and change the phone numbers to be the different department numbers for your company.

  4. If you have a Loggly account, create a new HTTP input and then copy the input's URL into the log call.

  5. Create the proper email aliases in your email system to receive voicemail links, or change the existing ones in

  6. Change the greetings stored in /static as needed. If you like the voice, write a script and give it to me and I'll have the wife record you a new message.

  7. Publish the app, and then go to Twilio and point your phone calls to this URL:

That's about it!