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The name

The name oCone derivates from "Open Content Network" and shows the goal of oCone to build up a network of free and open available content.

The goal

The worlds evolution mainly bases on information, or content. The internet shows a fantastic infrastructure to publish content and make it available for everyone in the world, but it has some draw backs.

Content is normally published using HTML (or XHTML) which only describes visible formats and does not structure the content in a sensible semantical way. Even there are a lot of initiatives to change this it will take some time to update / transform all content. There are some persons who say that they are a lot of companies and persons who do not even want their content to be really readable.

The infrastructure of the internet is pretty stable but the number of users and potential hits on a single website caused by famous news sites requires expensive infrastructures to serve those. This is something only big institutions or comapanies can afford.

oCone tries to solve this by building a peer to peer network, where each peer can grab content from the web (if allowed), transform it into semantic XML and offer it to the other peers. In a network each peer will cache the requested contents and will reduce the load on the requested sites this way. With enough capacity in the peers caches oCone will even be able to mirror complete webpages for use in networks not connected with the internet, or serve content for websites which are offline during the request.

The Source

Currently only design documents describing the idea are available. Evrything is available at: