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YUIOP Keyboard series

YUIOP keyboards are experimental original keyboards designed by KoRoN.

Keyboards in this project are:

  • yuiop27/ - separate keyboard prototype.

    27 keys for one hand. single left hand.

  • yuiop54/main - signle board keyboard prototype.

    combined right and left-hand boards of yuiop27. PCB dimension is 285.00mm x 94.60mm (GH60 compatible form factor without screw holes).

  • yuiop54/main2 - researching version of yuiop54.

    multi-sheets schematic. fix layout for auto routing. introduce GND cupper fill.

    • rev.B - trial to make compatible with GH60 (include screw holes).

      use popular keycaps size. tring 128x64 dots OLED.

    • rev.C - key sizes revised version.

      consider just layout. use 1u footprint for keys of little fingers. compact form factor size, 267.00mm x 95.00mm (drop compatibility with GH60). change the origin to center of PCB. use 2u for R5 center key. use Edge.Cuts to represents screw holes. OLED is 128x32 dots.

    • rev.D - narrowwer version of rev.C

      consider just layout. the dimension is 262.0mm x 95.00mm reduce margins between F and G keys, and H and J keys.

    • rev.E - a variation of rev.C

      the dimension is 267.00mm x 95.00mm (same with rev.C, not rev.D) make keys on F's row be able to use 1.25u keycap.

  • yuiop47/ - Single board keyborard with 47 keys.

    Shrink from yuiop54. PCB dimension is 214.00mm x 94.00mm

  • yuiop60hh/main - HHKB clone trial

  • yuiop60hh/main2 - HHKB clone trial #2

  • yuiop50d/ - Small footprint, dense 50 keys keyboard.

    1u is 16mm, using small keycaps. Standard row staggered layout. Support Pro Micro and RapsberryPi Pico as MCU. PCB dimension is 182.00mm x 103.50mm

  • yuiop63hhs/ - Split HHKB layout minimal keyboard.

    No LED nor OLED, Just 63 (29+34) keys. PCB dimension 319.00mm x 95.00mm

    • Left 152.50mm x 95.00mm
    • Right 162.00mm x 95.00mm
  • yuiop22rs/ - 22 keys + rotary switch macropad.

    With OLED, without LED. PCB dimension 95.25mm x 95.25mm

  • contorller/ - Keyboard controler using ATmega32U4 which replacing Pro Micro.

  • yuiopPM/ - Pro Micro compatible but minimal for only keyboard, PCB

  • yuiop60hh/main3 - HHKB layout, compatible with popular 60% cases.

    Problems on positions of screw hole or so. Not built.

  • yuiop60hh/main4 - HHKB layout, compatible with popular 60% cases.

    YUIOP60HH series revision 4. Implemented with MPU ATmega32U4 (not Pro Micro)

  • yuiop31rs/ - 31 keys + rotary switch macropad.

    With 31 LEDs (WB2812C-2020). Its hole is too small to be chaged extra on production.

  • yuiop60s/ - split keyboard prototype

  • yuiop60pi/ - PGA2040 (RP2040) base HHKB layout semi-compatible keyboard.


YUIOP: Etude of designing keyboards








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