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A game installer, launcher, thingie.
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The TIGGIT indie game installer

This is an alpha version of a new game installer / distribution /
thingie I'm working on. It is released under the GNU General Public
License v3.

For more info, check out .

  NOTE: the current code tree is in a middle of a rewrite. Don't
  expect it to work. I will announce in the forums (found at ) and remove this message when the rewrite
  is done.


Tiggit is known to build on Windows, Linux and FreeBSD, but is only
supported on Windows as of yet, and only lists Windows games.

There are no particular build instructions here yet, but you should be
able to get going with CMake.


- wxWidgets (at least 2.8) for the GUI
- Boost (for filesystem, threading and other stuff)
- libCURL (for downloading)
- zzlib (ZIP unpacker)

Git submodules:

- Mangle (Minimal Abstracted Game Layer, for abstracted stream reading)
- Spread (Library used for downloading, installing and updating games)

Submodules are installed automatically if you run:

  git submodule update --init"


If you want to improve tiggit, all help, suggestions and patches are
highly welcome and appreciated. You can post pull requests through
github and I will usually respond to them fairly quickly.

To post suggestions and comments, send me a mail at:

or go to:
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