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SchoolKX_New (Font to help children learn to write)
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Koelooptiemanna Fonts

Do whatever you want with the fonts, except claiming it yours! Donations are accepted!

Commercial users: Yes you can make use of this font for free too, but it would be nice to hear from you/show your product. Also a referral to this site has to be incorporated.

Download Latest Versions
Old versions are here

Previously distributed via but those guys are gone.
You can reach me if needed at

There are now (2018) two variations:

  • Paula (ZMLK Maaskei) Regular and Expanded (also a monospaced numbers only font is available for tables/math etc)
  • Haasnoot (Boom Uitgevers Amsterdam) Regular and Expanded

Take a good look at them to see the differences. screenshot_1 screenshot_1a

Please be aware that using these fonts in Microsoft Word and other word processors not supporting kerning the way they should, words will NOT have good spacing between letterpairs!

wrong kerning: screenshot_2

correct kerning: screenshot_3

Complete List of Glyphs

Paula Regular screenshot_4

Paula Expanded screenshot_5

Haasnoot Regular screenshot_6

Haasnoot Expanded screenshot_7

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