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Tutorials app for WatchKit
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1- Counter
10- Animation
2- DataSharing
3- AppsCommunication
4- Time Color
5- Shared-CoreData
6- UI Playground
8- Pages
9- Table


App tutorial Videos: Live coding!

Last Update: New tutorial about tables - 8-Table

Table of Contents


  1. Counter
  2. Data Sharing
  3. AppsCommunication
  4. Time Color
  5. Shared Core Data
  6. UI Playgrounds
  7. Pages
  8. [Table] (#8-table)

1. Counter


Counter - count things in your watch.
This project shows how to create basic project setup with UI and
how to use NSUserDefaults to save data

2. Data Sharing

Data Sharing Data Sharing

Data Sharing - Sharing data between iOS app and watch app.
Table based UI for both iOS and watch.
Project also demonstrate how to share common code

3. Apps Communication


AppsCommunication - Communicating between a watch app and a iOS app.

4. Time Color


Time Color - Display current time and a hex color for that time as a background

5. Shared Core Data

iPhone and WatchKit apps with shared CoreData database. Projects show how to setup core Data using Sure framework and share code and database between ios and watchKit apps.

Know Issues:
- Could not build Objective-C module ... Select the framework target that couldn't be build and build it. The project dependencies are not build in correct order 😢

6. UI Playgrounds


Show different layout and UI elements.

7. Pages


Pages is one of navigation types on WatchKit. It's the same as you have on our phone.
You swipe left and right.
In that project you setup pages both in Code and pure UI

8. Table


Table Tables are one of the most popular and important building components for iOS and WatchKit.
Learn how to make a simple table


  1. Apple Watch Frame - Bezel
  2. Gif Recorder - RecordIt
  3. Gif Resizer -

-- Video Tutorial


Please open an issue with bugs and missing features, functionality or ideas for improvements.
Also you can contribute by making a Fork and sending a pull request. I would love that


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