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add Jamie Brandon, Ellie Frost, Daniel Grana and Jens Rantil to AUTHORS

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1 parent 3c986d8 commit 93651be29e664ca1a15ba6cae8d96fdb9efce5fc Ville Tuulos committed Sep 23, 2011
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@@ -33,9 +33,14 @@ Jiri Kaiser
Other patches by:
-Ryan Maus (ryan-maus)
+Jamie Brandon (jamii)
Wes Chow
+Ellie Frost (stillinbeta)
+Daniel Grana (dangra)
Rich Hankins / Nokia Research Center
+Ryan Maus (ryan-maus)
+Jens Rantil (JensRantil)
Kostis Sagonas
Tomaz Solc
Jason R. Surratt (jsurratt)

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