Ext.Button based component for uploading files in Sencha Touch apps without page refresh
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File uploading component for Sencha Touch

Ext.Button based component for uploading files in Sencha Touch apps

Author: Constantine V. Smirnov, kostysh(at)gmail.com, http://mindsaur.com
License: GNU GPL v3.0
Current version: 2.0.1
ST2 version: 2.1.1
Sencha Cmd: v3.0.2.288


  • 2.0.1 Added uploading request signing feature, custom response decoder, configurable success response codes
  • 2.0
  • 1.0.2 Fixed issue with multiple Fileup components on one page
  • 1.0.1 Bugs fixes
  • 1.0 Initial release


  • Select file from local source
  • Load selected file as dataUrl
  • Upload selected file to server
  • Loading spinner on button
  • Uploading progress displayed on badge
  • Uploading error handling
  • Uploading request signing feature
  • Custom response decoder
  • Configurable success response codes
  • Custom styles for component using SASS


This component can works in two modes (switched by loadAsDataUrl config): 1) Load local files as dataUrl. Will be useful if you want to load a local file. For example you can load image and display it inside dom or store it into localStorage. 2) Upload files to server (you should also setup a server part) Current PHP version of server part located in src/php folder (getfile.php)

Server response format (JSON): { success: true,// or false message: ''// error message if success === false }

Component has three states: 1) Browse: Initial state, you can browse and select file 2) Ready: File selected and ready for load or upload 3) Uploading: File loading or uploading in process

You can configure these states (add custom text and styles). Looking for SASS file in src/ux/sass folder.


  • Place src/php to your server (you can write your own version of this script)
  • Create folder for uploads on your server and make this folder writable
  • Configure getfile.php (second line, path to your folder for uploads)
  • Place src to your app folder;
  • Configure custom path for custom components:

        'Ext.ux': '[..path..]src/ux'
  • Require Fileup in app.js or inside current view:

    requires: ['Ext.ux.Fileup']
  • Insert component into view:

    items: [
        //Fileup configuration for "Load local file" mode
            xtype: 'fileupload',
            autoUpload: true,
            loadAsDataUrl: true,
            states: {
                browse: {
                    text: 'Browse and load'
                ready: {
                    text: 'Load'
                uploading: {
                    text: 'Loading',
                    loading: true// Enable loading spinner on button
        //Fileup configuration for "Upload file" mode
            itemId: 'fileBtn',
            xtype: 'fileupload',
            autoUpload: false,
            url: 'src/php/getfile.php'
  • Enable or disable auto upload of file via component config:

    autoUpload: true,
  • Listen for success/failure or loadsuccess/loadfailure events:

        success: 'yourFileUploadSuccessHandler',
        failure: 'yourFileUploadFailureHandler'

Live demo: