A meal bot for food review integrated to Slack for the Andela community. This project is no longer maintained and has been revamped here (https://github.com/teamtaverna/).
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Food-bot is used for getting real-time feedback about meals served within the Andela community. It also lets you know which meal will be served when you want it to.


Food-bot is a Slack bot written in python that connects via the RTM API. It was built upon Python-rtmbot, a callback based bot engine cloned from https://github.com/slackhq/python-rtmbot.


Want to contribute? Great!

You need to have postgreSQL installed and set up on your machine. You also need python, and a virtual environment set up.

Clone the repository from GitHub

git clone https://github.com/andela-kanyanwu/food-bot-review.git


In your virtual environment, install everything in the requirements.txt file

pip install -r requirements.txt

create a .env.yml file and add it to your root file, have the following config in the .env.yml file.

.env.yml format:


Ask any of the collaborators for the SECRET_KEY


On your terminal,

createdb food_bot

You can use PgAdmin or its alternative to create the database.

Run the following command to create the tables

python django_foodbot/manage.py migrate

Populate your local database with foodbot data.

Run the following command to populate your local database with data from the fixtures

python django_foodbot/manage.py loaddata initial_data.json

Set up your environment to test the bot locally

Ask any of the collaborators for a slack bot api key. You will also be added to the food-review slack organisation where you can test foodbot while working.

Follow these processes to configure the bot and run locally:

On your terminal,

cp doc/example-config/rtmbot.conf .
vi rtmbot.conf
SLACK_TOKEN: "xoxb-11111111111-222222222222222"

Be sure to replace the SLACK_TOKEN in the rtmbot.conf file with the slack bot api key given to you.

Start the bot

You will need to always restart the bot as the server does not automatically detect any change.



  • Checkout to a new branch from master when working on any task.
$(master) git checkout -b FEATURE_BRANCH
#=> Switched to a new branch 'FEATURE_BRANCH'
  • The first time you perform a push, use the following syntax to set up your local branch to track the remote:
git push --set-upstream origin FEATURE_BRANCH

Pull requests and code reviews

  • Fetch the changes from the remote and rebase your feature branch on top of the remote master
$(FEATURE_BRANCH): git fetch
$(FEATURE_BRANCH): git rebase origin/master
  • If everything is fine and there haven't been any commit yet:
$(FEATURE_BRANCH): git push
  • You will need to git push --force if the rebase rewrote any commit but first confirm with git status that you are on the correct branch.
  • Create pull request against the STAGING branch when you are done for code review.
  • After review, your code reviewer will merge your branch to staging branch. meal-bot on the food-review slack is tied to the staging branch. If everything works fine on meal-bot, your branch will be deleted and the staging branch will be merged to master.
  • Please note that the master branch is tied to food_bot on Andela slack. Do not push or merge to master until you are sure meal-bot on the food-review slack has no issues.