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GRPC for gacha

This is minimum microservice for GRPC with gacha architecture.

  1. Client sends some cards data
  2. Server receive cards and response lottery one
  3. Client get a card and output card name


use only

  • grpc
  • Protocol Buffer 3
  • Ruby
    • Ruby 2 or higher
  • Golang
    • Go 1.5 or higher

build proto file

  • Ruby
    • grpc-tools (install with gem)
  • Golang
    • proto-gen-go

How to generate grpc code

  • Ruby
    • grpc_tools_ruby_protoc -I proto --ruby_out=lib --grpc_out=lib proto/gacha.proto
  • Golang
    • protoc -I proto --go_out=plugins=grpc:lib/gacha proto/gacha.proto


You can chose one script each of them ex) server: Golang, client: Ruby is correct

  1. run server
  2. run client
  • Server
    • Ruby ruby server/server.rb
    • Golang go run server/server.go
  • Client
    • Ruby ruby client/client.rb
    • Golang go run client/client.go