Psych sheet generator for WCA competitions.
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Psych sheet generator

Psych sheet generator for WCA competitions.


Following python version and some python libraries are required:

  • Python 2.7
  • Jinja2
  • BeautifulSoup4

Python 2.7.10 and Jinja2 2.8 are recommended version because I have developed and tested with them.


  1. Fill your-competition.txt with the competition information (sample file is in sample/ directory).
  2. Fill your-competition.csv with the entry list (sample file is in sample/ directory). If you specify auto argument, only events list is needed.
  3. Run python --output path-to-psych.html your-competition, and you will soon get psych sheets in your path-to-psych.html

For example, run python --output sample/tohoku-2015.html sample/tohoku-2015 or python --output sample/tohoku-2015.html --auto 93 sample/tohoku-2015 (93 is JRCA eid for Tohoku 2015), and you will get psych sheets for Tohoku Open 2015 as sample/tohoku-2015.html (sample/tohoku-2015.txt and sample/tohoku-2015.csv are sample data for that competition).

The sample psych sheets looks like this: Psych sheets for Tohoku Open 2015


  • You need only Python and some related libraries, you do not need any Web server or MySQL.
  • Event format in any your-competition.csv only accepts the following terms: 333, 444, 555, 222, 333bf, 333oh, 333fm, 333ft, minx, pyram, sq1, clock, skewb, 666, 777, 444bf, 555bf, 333mbf

Future works

See issues.