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Bitcoin Converter written in Vue.js 2.5

Based on this blog post:

Vue.js; AngularJS done right!

This is my first attempt of a Vue.js application.

I have been using Vue for only a couple of days now and during these days I have created an example application (a bitcoin converter).

The following tools/frameworks are used:

  • Vue.js - frontend framework
  • Bootstrap - for styling
  • vee-validate - for field validation
  • Axios - HTTP client

Getting Started

The source code is hosted at GitHub.

The following Git command wil clone the project and download the sources to the local machine.

$ git clone 


The only requirement is npm.


To get the required dependencies, issue the following npm command:

$ npm install

Now start serving the app and open the following URL in the browser: http://localhost:8080/

$ npm run serve

Built With

  • Vue.js 2.5 - The Progressive JavaScript Framework
  • Vuex 3.0 - State management pattern + library for Vue.js applications
  • vee-vaidate 4.1 - Template Based Validation Framework for Vue.js
  • Vue I18n 8.7 - Vue I18n is internationalization plugin for Vue.js
  • Vue CLI 3 - Standard Tooling for Vue.js Development
  • Bootstrap 4.2 – Responsive, mobile-first front-end component library
  • Axios 0.18 - Promise based HTTP client for the browser and node.js
  • Coindesk API - CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index API

All variants of this Bitcoin converter application:

  • Vue.js - part 2 - Bitcoin converter application blog src demo
  • Vue.js - part 1 - Bitcoin converter application blog src demo
  • Angular Bitcoin converter application [blog] src demo
  • AngularJS Bitcoin converter application blog src demo
  • Backbone Bitcoin converter application blog src demo

This is based on a template from:


Bitcoin Converter written in Vue.js 2.5.



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