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The gh-pages branch for is a Jekyll site hosted on GitHub Pages. As such, much of the documentaiton there will be helpful towards managing this site, but in particular this one: Using Jekyll as a static site generator with GitHub Pages.

  • Requirements
  • Running the site locally and previewing changes
  • Previewing changes
  • Making commits


You'll need the latest version of Jekyll installed on your machine to build and test locally. Requirements can be found on the Jekyll installation page, but for most people on Linux/Unix/macOS installation should boil down to running gem install jekyll jekyll-redirect-from or gem install --user-install jekyll jekyll-redirect-from from the terminal.

Running the site locally and previewing changes

Documentation for the options running a Jekyll site locally can be found on the Jekyll basic usage page, but here is a quickstart guide for running this site locally and previewing your changes:

  • Change into the root directory for this project in the terminal.
  • Run jekyll s --watch
  • Open http://localhost:4000 in your browser to preview the site
  • As you make changes the site should rebuild itself automatically.

Making commits

To make a change to the site

  • Fork the repo:
  • Checkout the gh-pages branch
  • Start Jekylll per the previous section to preview your changes in real-time and make your changes
  • When you're done with your changes create the commit and push it to your forked repo on GitHub
  • Go to the Pull Requests tab in your forked project click the New pull request button. Make sure that you're creating a pull request from your gh-pages branch and requesting to merge it into's gh-pages branch.
  • GitHub should tell you if it's possible to auto-merge. When it's done click Create pull request to submit your proposed changes.
  • After review and approval your changes will be merged.


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