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Hello, I'm Techy
The geeky way of writing

I'm a super simple Flat CMS based on Node.js (Gulp.js and AbsurdJS). If you don't want to use a database to store your content I could help you. Write everything in Markdown format and I'll convert it to HTML.

The concept

In the content driven web site (like a blog for example) the writing should be really easy. Markdown language gives us the simplicity which we need. However, sometimes converting .md files to .html files is not enough. Techy is an instrument which uses Markdown as a base but also makes your pages programmable. For example:

<% set('name', 'Big Joe') %>

# Article title

> author: <% get('name') %>

Hello, my name is <% get('name') %>. I'm a web developer.

is transformed to:

<h1 id="article-title">Article title</h1>
  <p>author: Big Joe</p>
<p>Hello, my name is Big Joe. I'm a web developer.</p>

In other words, there are JavaScript expressions which you may write between <% and %> and basically fetch information based on other files in your codebase. For example generating a site map or showing the latest added Markdowns.

Simple usage

Install Techy from the command line onto your system by running the following command:

npm install -g techy

Aaaand ... that's it. Create an empty directory and put your Markdown files inside. If you type techy and press Enter in the same folder you will see all the materials converted to HTML.

Techy is not only generating HTML markup. It puts your writings into a nicely formatted layout.

Checkout the full documentation here.


A flat file CMS based on Gulp and AbsurdJS







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